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hi every body on this site

my name is kumar and i am suffering from cancer for the past six years. I have two small kids one is 9 and one is 5 years old. earlier I used to do business and I was happy with my income but after when I was diagnosed that I have cancer since then I was unable to work and what all I had earned has been spent for my treatment and I have went into huge debts which I cannot upcome with the present position as I am not in a positon to work. Please help me so that I can come over my position and I can give some hope to my wife and children. I only want the money for treatment so that i can live atleast till my kids can manage to work.

no one in my relation or friend are helping me to come out of the situation.

once again I beg all the readers to please help me financially God will help them to over come when they  face any problem

I pray the god not to give this type of position to any one in the world not even to enemies

If any one are intrested in supporting me please mail me on

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